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Every man after the age of 40 hopes to have a therapy that can quickly increase its effectiveness, because at the most inappropriate moment, unpleasant surprises caused by discomfort may occur. Adamour capsules will help quickly solve the problem of erectile dysfunction. You can buy them at the best price € 49 on the official website of France.

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In France, the problem of ineffectiveness has somehow affected the majority of the male population over 40. Facing her, one day, a man lost his self-confidence, left his partner, avoided sexual intercourse, and was once again afraid of falling into this unpleasant situation. In order to avoid all these situations, it is best not to delay treatment and start taking remedial measures for effectiveness. Adamour capsule is a natural preparation that can not only enhance the efficacy of medicine, but also treat the cause of sexual dysfunction.

Adamour-Capsules that quickly enhance performance

Men of any age want to live a fulfilling life and do not want to run into trouble in the sexual field. The health of men deteriorates due to many factors. The reasons may be hormonal imbalance, decreased physical defenses, overweight, sedentary lifestyle and lack of adequate physical exercise. France is a country where more than half of the male population faces this problem in some way. Not all men facing sexual dysfunction are eager to see a doctor and take medication. Most sexually capable people are ashamed of what has happened and try to remain silent about it, which stimulates the development of the disease.

Causes of reduced male performance

Pharmacists provide a wide range of potency enhancers. Their ingredients, effects on the human body, pharmacological properties and contraindications are different. Exciting drugs can indeed make a man effective for several hours, but they cannot help cure the root cause of male impotence problems.

Signs of performance issues

Sexual dysfunction can occur at any age. Genital problems can be seen in adolescents and young adults as well as in old age.

The following signs indicate the occurrence of sexual dysfunction:

During performance problems, men are afraid of intimacy. He tried not to talk about such topics, not to pay attention to the hints of his partner, and not to initiate intimate relationships.

If these symptoms occur, treatment should be started immediately. Adamour, a natural compound preparation, quickly restores a stable erection within a few minutes after administration.

The effect of Andamore capsules on improving efficacy

Problems in the intimate area can lead to the development of irritability, stress and even long-term depression. In advanced cases, the possibility of suffering from diseases such as prostatitis or prostate adenoma is high.Adamour capsules have complex effects on efficacyAdamour capsules can quickly enhance the efficacy and restore male strength and confidence. The herbal ingredients of the drug have beneficial effects on the male genital area and the entire body. When using Adamour capsules, the following process will occur:

The German drug Adamour gently affects all organs and tissues, gently removes harmful substances and normalizes all body functions, including sexual functions.

Advantages of King Kong Capsule

All potent herbs have a positive effect on the body. Stimulants can only have a short-term effect. In addition, therapeutic capsules can help solve the root cause of impotence problems. The advantages of capsules are as follows:

The main active ingredient of the capsule is Peruvian Maca

This German manufacturer’s original drug can quickly improve its efficacy and has now passed all clinical trials. It is recommended to order capsules only on the official French website. The need for effective remedies has spawned many unscrupulous sellers who profited from counterfeit products. When ordering through the website, you only need to pay for the transportation and the cost of the medicine itself. You can buy it at a low price on the website-only € 49 - what is the price in other countries. Delivery takes place all over the world. Therefore, you can always avoid buying low-quality counterfeit products.

Composition of King Kong Capsule

The ingredients of Adamour preparations only contain herbal ingredients and extracts collected from ecologically clean regions of the world. The raw materials are processed using unique technology, so the finished composite retains all useful and restorative properties. Adamour does not contain any chemical and toxic compounds. All substances have beneficial effects on the function of the reproductive system and the entire body.


Body movements:


Prolong the erection time, enhance the blood circulation of the penis, have a positive effect on sperm movement, and increase the body's protective function and endurance.


Plant extracts can increase libido, increase testosterone production, and have a beneficial effect on the duration of sexual intercourse.


Brazilian aphrodisiac increases blood outflow from the glans penis, increasing sexual desire and the duration of sexual intercourse. Plant extracts promote the production of testosterone.

Muira Puama

This plant extract can increase the sensitivity of the penis, so men will become more vivid during intercourse.

Emblika (Indian gooseberry)

Thanks to the extracts from the berries and seeds of this plant, the quality of sperm can be improved and the sex life can be extended.

Zinc, L-arginine and niacin complex

Substances promote blood circulation in the pelvic area. The whole creature is strengthened.

All ingredients containing herbal extracts and extracts have undergone strict radiation and environmental control.

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